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PortX is the coding-optional Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that was built for the rest of us. Our product suite is focused on banking core integration and connecting financial institutions to the global payments ecosystem.

Payment Manager

Connect all of your payment channels securely using one common management plane. Integrate instantly with our drop-in integration suite.

AS2 Connector

Secure file transfers with an easy, intuitive interface. Supporting Mule ESB, WS02, Camel, and others coming soon.

JD Edwards Connector

Simplify connectivity to your modern API-led infrastructure using our connector solution.

Integration Manager

Use configuration, not code, to dynamically manage all of your internal application integrations.


Support, implementation, and training for the world’s first open source software for interoperability in real-time payment networks.

FTPS Connector

Control and visibility into secure file transfers between trading partners.

Partner Manager

Dynamically manage, configure, and monitor B2B/EDI transactions with your trading partners.

Connection Manager

Simplified portal for payment network hub operators to manage endpoint mapping and certificate exchanges through a guided process.

Mojaloop SDK

Simple and secure drop-in connection to a Mojaloop-based real-time payment system.

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